Global Broadband Corporation is a leading broadband services company

providing innovative systems, products, and technical solutions to

government, commercial, and scientific customers worldwide.


Global Broadband Corporation is a worldwide provider of wireless high-speed broadband systems for military, government, and civilian applications.  As a system integrator, our company finds ways to continually improve the efficiency and functionality of bringing together different subsystems and software for critical customer missions.


Over the last 10 years, our engineers and technicians have implemented high-speed broadband systems in over 200 locations throughout the world.​  Unlike many companies that claim to be broadband providers, wireless broadband is the ONLY thing we do. And our systems work flawlessly.


Our innovative broadband products and solutions inherently enable our customers to make the world more sustainable—on the land with more efficient high-speed communications, on the sea with long-range data transmissions, and in the air with secure systems and proprietary technology.

Our customers need products and technologies that improve efficiency, save energy, and conserve resources without compromising performance. This is where we excel. 

Conducting business with utmost integrity and trust encourages a high-performing and transparent work environment, which attracts customers and the best qualified team in the industry.​  We are driven to find creative ways to cultivate critical and ethical thinking with our employees at all levels and to develop resources and tools that advance integrity across our industry.